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Shameless Self-promotion Sunday

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Time to get Shameless.

What have you been up to this week? Write anything? Leave a link and a short description for your post in the comments. Or fire away about anything else you might want to talk about.

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  1. Darian

    I wrote about my experiences at the Anarchist Book Fair, and posted new Center For a Stateless Society commentaries. “Free Space” is about how government turns the wonder of space into more boring nationalism. “Escalating the War on Freedom” is my response to Arizona’s new immigration law. It’s all on the blog at http://darianworden.com/blog

    I also tagged all of the Center For a Stateless Society pamphlets on libertyactivism.info so they’re easier to find: http://libertyactivism.info/wiki/Listofpamphletsbytopic#c4ss

    Aside from that I’ve been doing a lot of reading, walking, and enjoying life.

  2. c.t.mummey

    i’ve been gardening and drinking all sunday.

    and lately i’ve been working on quitting my job and doing social media for small businesses along w/a few other little enterprises i have in mind. i know there are lots of left-libertarians working in website/software/etc. is there any networking place for us?

  3. justino

    I’m coordinating a food drive for a privately funded mission in Fort Worth, Texas. If anyone local would like to help, you can contact me here.

    I did read some great stuff online this week. Darian Worden has published Build Liberty from the Ground Up.

    Robert Higgs had a piece on the true cost of empire.

  4. chris

    I finished my five part, nuanced critique of anti-IP arguments.

    And also weighed in on the “capitalism,” “left-libertarian” battle that’s been raging recently.

  5. Shawn P. Wilbur

    Busy week. The mutual aid project with Kate Sharpley Library bore immediate fruit, and I’ve started to digitize the copy of Dyer Lum’s “Utah and its People” that we were able to purchase for KSL. I’ve been reading lots of radical abolititionist/non-resistant literature, and have the first four titles in a pamphlet library put together. A little prodding from Iain McKay has got me looking at the mutualist vs. collectivist debates in the First International, with the result that I’m working on a batch of translations and I’m finally going to transcribe some of my translations of Jean-Guillaume-César-Alexandre-Hippolyte, baron de Colins, the Belgian “rational socialist,” and his followers. Like Leroux and his crowd, the Colinseans were sort of a big deal for awhile, and then were pretty well forgotten. And I’ve got a trio of new posts on Proudhon up on the blog.

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