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Monday Lazy Linking

<li><p><a href="http://aaeblog.com/2010/05/10/everybody-run-uncle-grady-has-a-gun/">Everybody Run, Uncle Grady Has a Gun. Roderick, <cite>Austro-Athenian Empire</cite> (2010-05-10)</a>. <q>The following letter appeared in today’s Opelika-Auburn News. (I’ve restored my original paragraphing, which was altered seemingly at random.) To the Editor: Bob Sanders wonders (May 8th) why we would fear Uncle Grady the tax assessor. Surely the answer is: because Uncle Grady’s edicts are ultimately backed up by threats...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2010-05-10.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://humaniterations.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/reviewing-like-its-2007/">Reviewing Like It’s 2007. rechelon, <cite>Human Iterations » Non-Aggression And The Goddamn Primmies</cite> (2010-05-10)</a>. <q>Communism Reconstituted as Psychotherapy: The Coming Insurrection Everyone knows.  It’s really nothing new.  Their attack on Green Capitalism is delicious, while their advocacy of “communes” is without substance, tacked on and arguably specious.  There’s a lot of language in it specific to the European intellectual scene.  Honestly, it’s a bit...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2010-05-10.)</em></p></li>


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