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  1. Mike Gogulski

    Phew! That’s a relief! :D

  2. Laura J.

    Awww, why not?

    Seems like it’d be a considerably more interesting use of resources than their usual.

    • Rad Geek

      According to the article, Sailors can note unusual sightings on the ocean waves in their ship’s logs, the Navy said. But they are not required to do so and none of the information is assembled in a central archive devoted to sea monsters. Instead, Any sightings of strange marine animals reported to the Navy by the public are passed on to the UK Hydrographic Office, which provides charts and other navigational services for mariners.

      The story doesn’t say whether or not the Hydrographic Office uses reports to adds Here be monsters to their charts, or whether or not they will add a delightful engraving of your sea monster rising out of stylized waves.

  3. Marja

    Obviously they cover certain lake dwellers, as well as giant seals, in the same resources.

  4. dennis

    Who will save us from Cthulu?

  5. Laura J.


    Not our puny mortal British Royal Navy, I’m afraid.

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