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Re: Obama, the far left radical

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

Obama, the far left radical. This Modern World (2010-06-12):

Here's Tom Tomorrow's cartoon, This Modern World: Obama the Far-Left RADICAL and a few of the Far-Left Radical things he has done. Text contents will follow after the jump.

Left Flank (Cont’d).

Obama the Far-Left RADICAL and a few of the Far-Left Radical things he has done

Caption: 1) Prolonged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; ordered Predator drone attacks in Pakistan.

Barack Obama: Heh heh! I will cleverly pretend to support ongoing military action–by supporting ongoing military action!

Michelle Obama: Saul Alinsky would have been so proud!

Caption: (A dramatization.)

2) Criticized activism of Warren and Burger courts.

Conservative #1: When he says liberal justices overreached

–He undoubtedly means they were excessively un-radical in their non-implementation of an extremist agenda such as his own!

Conservative #2: What other possible interpretation is there?

3) Embraced Bush policies on wiretapping and indefinite detention.

Biff: His contempt for the Constitution is an outrage!

Sparky: So after sleeping through the entire Bush administration–now you’re suddenly a civil libertarian?

Biff: Yep! And I will remain so, until the moment Republicans are safely back in power.

4) Announced plans to expand offshore oil drilling one month before Gulf blowout.

Conservative #1: Very suspicious timing, if you ask me! As if he knew he would not have to make good on that promise!

Conservative #2: Does ACORN have a secret underwater demolition team?

Conservative #1: Just askin’!

5) Announced plans to deploy 1200 National Guard troops to U.S.-Mexico border.

Barack Obama: Heh heh! Little do conservatives know–I’m secretly ordering those troops to help escort illegals into this country!

Michelle Obama: Everything is unfolding exactly as Woodrow Wilson planned!

Caption: (Also a dramatization.)

6) Most damning of all–failed to govern in accordance with the specific wishes of the Tea Party!

Conservative #1: We told him what we wanted during the health care debate–and he did not comply!

Conservative #2: Whoever heard of protesters being ignored?

Conservative #1: Especially when they’re real Americans.

Conservative #1: … If you, uh, know what I mean.

Caption: Next: Undermining Capitalism–with the help of Timothy Geithner!

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