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Wednesday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

  • Stay Out of Malibu. IOZ, Who Is IOZ? (2010-06-29). Nice Liberal Arguments about banning guns are totally incoherent. Oh, oh, 10,000 people died in “gun violence” last year? Yeah, well, there were 33,000 traffic accidents. I say we ban automobiles and tear up the highways. There were almost 700,000 deaths from heart disease. I say we all subsist on… (Linked Monday 2010-07-05.)

  • Breaking the Walled Garden of Childhood. David Friedman, Ideas (2010-07-05). A very long time ago, I attended a conference at which one of the other participants was the late John Holt, a prominent and unconventional writer on education. The part of his talk I still remember was his description of the Victorian ideal of the walled garden of childhood—that children… (Linked Monday 2010-07-05.)

  • More Watching of the Watchers. Radley Balko, Hit & Run (2010-07-05). Last week I interviewed a law enforcement official for a forthcoming article on recording the police. In arguing that it should be illegal for citizens to record on-duty cops, this official said he couldn’t think of a single example where video taken by a citizen bystander showed a police officer… (Linked Wednesday 2010-07-07.)

  • The Spiderweb Project – a citizen-owned WiFi mesh network. Sepp Hasslberger, P2P Foundation (2010-07-06). This is an announcement I found on an Italian facebook page. It is about a project in two Italian towns to construct a citizen-owned WiFi mesh network that will allow direct communication of all participants and will link into the internet at provider level. Here is a translation of the… (Linked Wednesday 2010-07-07.)

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  1. darkdaughta

    Wow! The dyi internet sounds amazing. That’s more of what we’re all going to need to do hopefully before those in power find a way to completely limit our access to the net. Thanks for your lazy linkings.

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