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Re: Surveillance, Security, Privacy, Politics

    <p><a href="http://blog.ianbicking.org/2010/08/17/surveillance-security-privacy-politics/">Surveillance, Security, Privacy, Politics. <cite>Ian Bicking: a blog</cite> (2010-08-18)</a>:</p><blockquote><q>I hang around people who talk about security and privacy and activists quite a bit. When talking security beyond the typical attackers ?? people committing identity theft, simple vandals, spammers, etc. ?? there??s the topic of government surveillance and legal attacks, and privacy as a way to defend political activists...</q></blockquote>

I’m running a fever right now and suffering from the physical effects of several vaccines combined with a too-large dose of direct sunlight earlier today. But I wanted to link this while I have the chance. I hope to have something more to say about it once I’ve recovered a bit; in the meantime, though, just read the whole thing.

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