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Wednesday Lazy Linking

<li><p><a href="http://flipfloppingjoy.com/2010/11/07/on-the-day-of-mehserles-sentencing-a-feminist-vow/">On the Day of Mehserle??s Sentencing: A Feminist Vow. kloncke, <cite>flip flopping joy</cite> (2010-11-07)</a>. <q>hey y??all, it??s such an honor to offer this cross-posted piece (originally on my blog, Kloncke,) in the webspace of a thinker, writer, and creator who??s most inspired me in my own artistic/political practice.  and in a community that continues to hearten and amaze me.  thanks bfp, maia, blackamazon, Wheelchair...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Tuesday 2010-11-09.)</em></p></li>

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