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Statist Inversion Watch: No. 1 of ???

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

Every time I deal with bureaucracy, I want to die; I want to live, so I need to avoid it. Marja Erwin (2010-12-28):

Of course it’s impossible to avoid it in this non-society. Of course the state cannot permit safe spaces where it could not violate people.And that’s one of reasons it’s so painful to deal with it. Every time I try to get some basic document sorted out – to get my…

Thank God the State keeps us safe from anarchy, or no-one could feel safe or secure or live their lives in peace.

The State promises safety, peace, order, and security. It consistently produces insecurity, chaos, violence and fear for just about everyone who interacts with it. And nowhere more emphatically than in its “securing” and “ordering” capacities.

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