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Friday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 13 years ago, in 2011, on the World Wide Web.

  • feeling really sad... bfp, flip flopping joy (2011-02-23). and shocked—like slapped in the face over the death sentence verdict in the brisenia flores trail. I can't feel even momentary joy that I then talk myself through. i never expected this death sentence. i'm from michigan. where as fucked up as things are...we don't have the death penalty. i… (Linked Thursday 2011-03-03.)

  • A Skater Reaches Out. cherylcline, der Blaustrumpf (2011-03-01). I'll have something more to say about boys' clubs at some point, but for now, I appreciate the efforts of skater Eric Muss-Barnes to get more girls into skateboarding, an activity in which women are extremely underrepresented: I'm quite disappointed that so few girls ride and they get so little… (Linked Thursday 2011-03-03.)

  • Har Har, Politicians are Prostitutes! Or Not. cherylcline, der Blaustrumpf (2011-03-02). Harry Reid's disingenuous proposal to outlaw prostitution in Nevada would only endanger prostitutes, but as usual, most commentators were more concerned with making a punchline.  From the libertarian peanut gallery, and elsewhere, you could hear men laughing uproariously at their own lousy joke:  the real prostitutes are politicians!  OMG, LOL. … (Linked Thursday 2011-03-03.)

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  1. dennis

    Amen to the notion of respecting sex workers. As long as sex workers in any industry (prostitution, dancing, adult film) are viewed as less worthy of respect than workers in other fields they will be prone to exploitation and abuse. It is not enough to proclaim that prostitution should be legal, workers in these industries must also be empowered and part of that is granting them the respect of any other honest worker. I would never call a politician a “whore” because there is nothing wrong with what a prostitute does (and the fact that they do it in an environment so rife with danger, abuse, and exploitation makes it even less appropriate to mock them) but politicians deserve to be treated as pariahs.

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