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Let Them Out, Let Them In

Shared Article from NBC News

At least 50 migrants found dead inside a truck in San Antonio

At least 50 people were found dead Monday in the trailer of an abandoned tractor-trailer in San Antonio in what appears to be the deadliest human smug…


As always, border policies and the border cops who enforce them impose horrendous suffering on innocent people, for the sake of inflicting the deplorable, invasive and violent means to an utterly worthless political end. Then they turn around and look at the humanitarian crisis that they themselves have created, they contort their faces into a grotesque mask of feigned pity, and Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland of Security will talk on and on about how it is all so awful, and the smugglers and traffickers are to blame, and the politicians in Washington and the paramilitary patrol on the border all care so, so very much and they are all so, so very sorry, and this only shows how much harder they need to work at shutting crossings systematically, relentlessly, and completely. So that they can make damned sure to enforce all the laws that keep forcing peaceful, harmless people into these awful conditions over and over again. There is no political policy on earth that could be worth this, no system of control and enforcement that could justify or even excuse hunting people and leaving them no escape but to cram themselves into the back of a tractor-trailer truck in 100 degree heat so they can try to hide while they are trying to get around a goddamned apartheid patrol that never should have set one foot out the door or laid one hand on an immigrant minding their own business. There is no crisis on the border that is not the direct result of the crisis of the border, no humanitarian disaster that would not be instantly and forever wiped away just by letting people cross peacefully where they want to cross, and letting them stay anywhere that they can find a place or a person willing to have them. All you need to do is stand down, let these people cross freely and openly where they choose, and leave them alone.

Nobody needed to die. Not one person. Not one child. How dare you? What else is there to say? What could there be to say in anything other than looking directly at the borders and the government of the United States of America and screaming, screaming, screaming.

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