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write a luculent novel five winters long

(From Poetry Foundation, Audio Poem of the Day.)

Be More Like Björk

By Camille Guthrie

First sew yourself into a pom pom mushroom
Strut across the thirstland past faerie lights
Shout complaints inside volcanic mancaves
Scout for the last unlocated spring of ylem
Then plait a cottage out of kestrel fluff
Stir potato eyes into a vat of dislocated feelings
Write a luculent novel five winters long
Till dismay ferments enough nuclear energy to power
Your moon buggy beyond the nacaret fields
Stopping only to gather the pollen of the Umbiferous True
Then plunge over cliffs sporting moth wings
Dropping to the bottommost of the besprinkled sea
And make your way up through the rain shadow
On two cat feet in hostile territory
All the while you compose a callithumpian song
To nail a ritual within the astrobleme
So bend dragons and constellate your enemies
Fox on your shoulder spend a month sun-grazing
A hundred hawks exploding before your stride
Which will bring you luck on this godawful day
You must make a new life by yourself like all
Lurching tellurians stuck in eviternity

— Camille Guthrie, Be More Like Björk
PoetryNow (2017).

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