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Alabama Updates

  • Protest in Montgomery, Alabama, 24-26 June 2022:

Shared Article from Montgomery Advertiser

Protestors gathered outside state buildings after Supreme Court …

Reproductive rights demonstrators gathered outside the Montgomery state buildings on Friday and Sunday


  • Unfortunately, Yellowhammer Fund has decided that they have to temporarily pause our services funding access to abortion outside of the state while they consult with legal experts about what they can do in the future. I do not currently have any further information on when or if they will resume funding or support for people from Alabama facing unwanted pregnancies. I am grateful for everything they’ve done so far, and I very much hope that they will be back and operating again soon.

Shared Article from Yellowhammer Fund

This is an evolution, not a defeat.

Supporters, We have made the deeply difficult decision to temporarily pause some of our services for the safety and security of our clients, our su…


We have made the deeply difficult decision to temporarily pause our services for the safety and security of our clients, our supporters, and our staff. During this time we will consult legal experts to reassess how best to continue doing our work in the immediate future.

. . . We assure you that we will always continue to fight for Reproductive Justice in Alabama and the Deep South. We will still serve our communities in the best capacity in our new post-Roe reality.

. . . This is an evolution not a defeat.

— Yellowhammer Fund, This is an evolution, not a defeat
June 29, 2022.

Shared Article from POWER House

Keep Alabama's POWER House in Pro Choice Hands

Alabama's Only Pro Choice Community Space


  • ARC-Southeast is a regional fund based out of Atlanta that provides procedure funding as well as help with travel costs and lodging to support folks in six Southeastern states — Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Shared Article from arc-southeast.org

Donate – ARC Southeast


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