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Friday Lazy Linking

Don’t Alter; Abolish!

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck from the AK Press Collective. news.infoshop.org (2010-05-15):

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck from the AK Press Collective Hi Glenn. How's it going? Since Forbes magazine says your annual earnings are in the ballpark of $32 million, we're guessing that it's going pretty well. You can't put a price on defending the little guy, right? We are…

A fantastic piece from AK Press in response to anti-government Glenn Beck’s latest on-screen antics.

Shorter AK: The name of our movement may evoke the kind of question that I hear once in a while: Why do you use the word Anarchist to denote a struggle for total freedom and social peace, when that word antagonizes so many people to whom it does not mean the things you mean? To those who ask it, my answer is: For the reason that makes you afraid of it.

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