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International sensitivity

So the Fighting Uruk-Hai of Arizona would like to inform us all that today we are all Georgians.

Maybe so, but the problem, asshole, is that today not quite everybody wants to be.

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N.B. Meanwhile, McCain is also shocked! shocked! to discover that putatively humanitarian invasions of Near East countries in the name of regime change often turn out to have brutal consequences for lots innocent people. Of course, he’s right that Russian soldiers should be immediately and completely withdrawn from Georgia, and also that the punitive country-wide bombing campaign has been an inexcusable act of brutality. But I’m not sure how he goes on talking about this without the cognitive dissonance causing his head to explode.


I’ve been putting in some tweaks to the page layout, as you may have noticed, and, while I was at it, the appearance of one too many animated ads for the Fighting Uruk-Hai of Arizona in my sidebar finally inspired me to revise and expand my ad disclaimer. As you can see, if you scan over to the right, it now reads: Views inscribed in the Rad Geek People’s Daily are mine, and may not be those of sponsors. Google ads are served algorithmically, without individual review, so contrariwise, an ad’s appearance does not imply my endorsement of the sponsor.

To be fair, the Adsense management interface does have a provision for screening out future appearances of particular ads, after-the-fact, if you catch one that you don’t want them to appear on your page. On the other hand, I should hope that most of my readership is not about to vote for Gothmog. And if I let the ads appear, then, should anyone happen to click on a McCain ad, that means a little more money is taken away from the McCain 2008 Presidential campaign, and given to me instead. Which seems like a particularly sweet sort of revenge.

Yes, yes. I know that, if you go by the depiction in the Peter Jackson movie, Gothmog is not one of the Uruk-Hai, but rather an Orc of Minas Morgul. I’m taking some liberties. If you don’t like it, take me to Nerd Court.

The Spitting Image, Captain of the Hosts Edition

What is it that unnerves me so much about the media’s duly-appointed Presumptive Republican Front-Runner, Senator John McCain? Is it the rampaging militarism? The austerely fascist aesthetic of his campaign materials? The newsmedia’s idiotic enthusiasm for any politician who can, in some sense or another, be packaged as a straight talker, without consideration for what the content of the straight talk might be? (So he says, with some conviction, that we ought to bomb the world. Great.)

Well, yes, yes, and yes, but there’s something that runs deeper, too. Just something about him, a certain I-know-not-what about the way he holds himself, and the way he talks, and the way he rallies his troops, that I can’t quite put words to. Where have I seen this before? Oh, wait…

Here's a photo of John McCain. And here's a photo of Gothmog, Captain of Morgul, from the Return of the King, looking eerily similar.

Yeah, that’s it.

McCain: The age of Man is over. The age of the Orc has begun!
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