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Monday Lazy Linking

  • Why are they afraid of Wikileaks? Marja Erwin (2010-11-17). The authoritarians claim that we have no right to object to invasions of our privacy and freedom of association. They institute systematic surveillance and sometimes assassinations, including COINTELPRO and its successors, on these grounds. Yet they condemn Wikileaks, calling for internet censorship, arrests, or assassinations. They insist that the people… (Linked Saturday 2010-11-20.)

  • Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? Daily Brickbats (2010-11-19). Denver police officer Devin Sparks says that Michael DeHerrera tried to punch him and he had to defend himself. But a video showed DeHerrera was just talking on his cell phone when Sparks tackled him, beat him repeatedly with a baton, and slammed a car door on him. The city… (Linked Monday 2010-11-22.)

  • Hey, I thought this was a libertarian blog, not a crafting one! drunkenatheist, Drunkenatheist (2010-11-19). Awhile back, there was a discussion on Facebook that had morphed into a discussion on food and agorism.  I don't remember what started it, but I can assure you that it had little to nothing to do with the endpoint.  I don't remember exactly what I said, but I recall… (Linked Monday 2010-11-22.)

Wednesday Lazy Linking

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