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  • Too Hot. Daily Brickbats (2009-08-31). Western Australia Coroner Alastair Hope ruled an aboriginal elder basically cooked to death in the back of a jail van he was being transported in one hot day. The man, identified only as Mr. Ward, had been picked up for drunk driving the previous day. The coroner said the man... (Linked Monday 2009-09-28.)

  • So What If Mackenzie Phillips Has a Book Deal? Cara, The Curvature (2009-09-28). My post about Mackenzie Phillips and the public reaction to her recent revelation that her father John Phillips raped her has been linked pretty widely at this point, and as a result I have received some rather obnoxious and outright disgusting comments (and emails). That’s not a complaint, at all... (Linked Tuesday 2009-09-29.)