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Wednesday Lazy Linking

<li><p><a href="http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1335">06/25/10 PHD comic: 'Call for Papers!' <cite>PHD Comics</cite> (2010-06-28)</a>. <q>Piled Higher &amp; Deeper by Jorge Cham www.phdcomics.com title: &quot;Call for Papers!&quot; - originally published 6/25/2010 For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2010-06-28.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/radleybalko/~3/60CZwtRuWpk/">Robert Byrd. Radley Balko, <cite>The Agitator</cite> (2010-06-28)</a>. <q>So if I??m correctly reading the various tributes to Sen. Robert Byrd floating around the web this morning, I??m supposed to celebrate how the man atoned for his bigotry earlier in life by devoting the rest of his life to public service . . . where he used other people??s...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Tuesday 2010-06-29.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/portlandhousingblogspot/~3/l5rH06_OZFA/hamp-fails-your-tax-money-at-work.html">HAMP Fails: Your Tax Money At Work. pdxhousing.guestposter@gmail.com (MontyB503), <cite>Portland Housing Blog</cite> (2010-06-21)</a>. <q>The Obama administration's HAMP program has proven to be an exercise in futility, and largely a waste of taxpayer dollars as only about 30% of the 5.7 million borrowers who are 60 days delinquent are eligible for the program. Of those who are eligible for the program, less than 350,000...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Tuesday 2010-06-29.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://c4ss.org/content/2948">Couchsurfing: Mutual Aid 2.0. Ross Kenyon, <cite>Center for a Stateless Society</cite> (2010-06-26)</a>. <q>Couchsurfing epitomizes a modern and hip mutual aid society.  Couchsurfing.org is an online network of just under two million users which connects hosts and travelers from around the world in order to facilitate cultural exchange, provide free hospitality through local hosts, and to make the world a better place ??one...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Tuesday 2010-06-29.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/reason/HitandRun/~3/uPXJdFUjAS8/thomas-sowell-on-ends-and-mean">Thomas Sowell, on Ends and Means. Radley Balko, <cite>Hit &amp; Run</cite> (2010-06-23)</a>. <q>Here's Thomas Sowell this week, comparing Obama's economic policy and response to the oil spill to Hitler and Lenin: With vastly expanded powers of government available at the discretion of politicians and bureaucrats, private individuals and organizations can be forced into accepting the imposition of powers that were never granted...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Wednesday 2010-06-30.)</em></p></li>
<li><p><a href="http://thecurvature.com/2010/06/29/scotland-anti-rape-ad-tackles-she-was-asking-for-it-myth/">Scotland Anti-Rape Ad Tackles ??She Was Asking For It? Myth. Cara, <cite>The Curvature</cite> (2010-06-29)</a>. <q>Trigger Warning for rape apologism. A few months back, I wrote an article for the Guardian??s Comment is Free about a U.K. study, which showed a significant number of respondents thought that some rape victims were at least partially to blame for their attacks. The various reasons that respondents blamed...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Wednesday 2010-06-30.)</em></p></li>

Monday Lazy Linking

<li><a href="http://eyeofthestorm.blogs.com/eye_of_the_storm/2009/10/one-correlate-of-the-idea-that-time-is-progressive-and-that-we-are-it-which-should-give-progressives-pause-is-the-way-the-ide.html">one correlate of the idea that time is progressive and that we. Captain Capitulation, <cite>eye of the storm</cite> (2009-10-04)</a>. <q>one correlate of the idea that time is progressive and that we are it which should give progressives pause is the way the idea has articulated cultures. so, for example, hegel held that africa had no history, was outside of history. in anthropology into the midlate twentieth century, you got...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Saturday 2009-10-17.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://eyeofthestorm.blogs.com/eye_of_the_storm/2009/10/its-amazing-that-when-people-discuss-genocide-as-in-daniel-goldhagens-new-book-at-least-as-its-represented-in-the-review-i.html">it's amazing that when people discuss genocide, as in daniel. Captain Capitulation, <cite>eye of the storm</cite> (2009-10-17)</a>. <q>it's amazing that when people discuss genocide, as in daniel goldhagen's new book (at least as it's represented in the review; i intend to read it), or in the alternative views mentioned in the review ('??Mobilizing the Will to Intervene,? a study by leading Canadian and American figures, identifies ??poverty...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Saturday 2009-10-17.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2009/10/economies_of_sc.html">Economies of Scale in Compliance, by David Henderson. <cite>EconLog</cite> (2009-10-11)</a>. <q>This morning, after a highly-productive Liberty Fund seminar in Santa Fe, I went over to Pasquale's for breakfast. I sat with a woman who runs a Mexican restaurant in a small town in Colorado. We talked about various things, including her criticism of &quot;factory farms&quot; that, in her view and...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Saturday 2009-10-17.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2009/10/13/the-pill-makes-you-attracted-to-pansies/">The Pill makes you attracted to pansies. Jill, <cite>Feministe</cite> (2009-10-13)</a>. <q>Or so says perpetually off-kilter Jill Stanek ?? except she uses the term ??quiche-eaters.? Basically, a study says that women who use birth control tend to be attracted to men with more boyish features with caring personalities, versus ??rugged? men with controlling personalities. The study itself is questionable, and the...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Saturday 2009-10-17.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://knappster.blogspot.com/2009/09/rrndfnd-bleg.html">RRND/FND Bleg. Kn@ppster, <cite>KN@PPSTER</cite> (2009-09-16)</a>. <q>I don't usually talk much about my day job here at KN@PPSTER, and when we run a fundraiser over there I usually give it at most a mention here. This one's a bit different and I figure it's a &quot;hit hard, everywhere&quot; situation. So:Dear readers,Over the years, we've tried various...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Saturday 2009-10-17.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://reason.com/blog/2008/08/06/berlusconi-hides-nipple-of-tru">Berlusconi Hides Nipple of Truth. Kerry Howley, <cite>Kerry Howley: Reason Magazine articles and blog posts.</cite> (2008-08-06)</a>. <q>Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi likes the painting to the right, a Giambattista Tiepolo work called &quot;La Verità Svelata dal Tempo.&quot; (The Truth Unveiled by Time.) He likes it so much that he gives news conferences with a reproduction of the painting as backdrop. Truth, the young woman, is front...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.wendymcelroy.com/news.php?item.2795.1">A bad attitude -- the new felony. wendy@nospam.com (Wendy McElroy), <cite>WendyMcElroy.com : News</cite> (2009-10-16)</a>. <q>A bad attitude -- the new felony</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1575">the best version of this story i read ended with the moral &quot;some infinities are bigger than others&quot;.  HOW TRUE. <cite>Dinosaur Comics</cite> (2009-10-19)</a>. <q>archive - contact - sexy exciting merchandise - search - about?? ? previousOctober 19th, 2009nextOctober 19th, 2009: The talk went well! Or at least, I hope it did. A CONFESSION: I queued up all these comics and posts way back when it was last Wednesday, because I was worried I'd...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)</em></li>

Friday Lazy Linking

<li><a href="http://mungowitzend.blogspot.com/2009/09/is-thomas-friedman-stupidest-man-alive.html">Is Thomas Friedman &quot;the stupidest man alive&quot; ? noreply@blogger.com (Angus), <cite>Kids Prefer Cheese</cite> (2009-09-30)</a>. <q>Well he certainly has stiff competition (most notably Donald Luskin (see here and here), but this NY Times column puts Sir Thomas directly in the running.His argument is that &quot;Red China has decided to become Green China&quot; and since (according to him) going green is a zero sum game, they...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thesexist/~3/7L6rm1TiiPk/">Weed Culture Is Boob Culture. Amanda Hess, <cite>The Sexist</cite> (2009-09-23)</a>. <q>Why aren??t there more female marijuana activists, Marijuana Policy Project employee Laura Greenback asks in High Times. Ooh! Pick me! I know the answer! It??s not that women don??t like smoking weed. We do. And it??s not that we don??t care about the ass-backwards war on drugs??despite Greenback??s fears, half...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://bradspangler.com/blog/archives/1438">On Becoming Ungovernable. Brad Spangler, <cite>BradSpangler.com</cite> (2009-09-30)</a>. <q>??This movement should create a situation in which authorities will control empty stores, but not the market; the employment of workers, but not their livelihood; the official media, but not the circulation of information; printing plants, but not the publishing movement; the mail and telephones, but not communications; and the...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://eaves.ca/2009/10/05/closed-border-closed-economy-closing-opportunities/">Closed Border, Closed Economy, Closing Opportunities. John Gruber, <cite>Daring Fireball</cite> (2009-10-05)</a>. <q>David Eaves on the ??harrowing experience? of entering the United States as a tourist or visitor.  ?? </q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-10-09.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.reason.com/blog/show/135963.html">All the President's Demons. jwalker@reason.com (Jesse Walker), <cite>Jesse  Walker: Reason Magazine articles and blog posts.</cite> (2009-09-09)</a>. <q>The president has attacked the enemies of ObamaCare as &quot;well-financed forces&quot; and &quot;those who are profiting from the status quo.&quot; So Tim Carney of The Washington Examiner put in calls to the White House and to Obama's group Organizing for America to ask who, specifically, these vaguely defined enemies are....</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-10-09.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.reason.com/news/show/136415.html">Obama Is No Radical. jwalker@reason.com (Jesse Walker), <cite>Jesse  Walker: Reason Magazine articles and blog posts.</cite> (2009-09-30)</a>. <q>The conservative firebrand David Horowitz has declared the Obama White House a &quot;radical regime.&quot; For the Republican radio host Sean Hannity, the ousted ex-communist &quot;green jobs&quot; czar Van Jones &quot;signifies the radicalism of this administration.&quot; Even Andy Williams, the Branson crooner who sang &quot;Moon River&quot; and &quot;Days of Wine and...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-10-09.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://jezebel.com/5376502/new-oklahoma-law-will-put">New Oklahoma Law Will Put Details Of All Abortions Online - Oklahoma abortion website - Jezebel. <cite>jezebel.com</cite> (2009-10-09)</a>. <q>A new Oklahoma law will require the details of every abortion to be posted on a public website. Proponents say this will prevent abortion ?? apparently by shaming and burdening women and doctors.</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-10-09.)</em></li>
<li><a href="http://www.rationalreview.com/content/70727">Free Talk Live, 10/07/09. <cite>Technorati Search for: radgeek.com</cite> (2009-10-07)</a>. <q>Wage Hurts People / City Police Chiefs Advocate Snitch Program / The Vaccine Controversy Continues / Rascism / Michael Moore and John Stossell / Rosa Parks and Civil Disobedience / Violence vs Peace / Podcast-only Interview with Charles Johnson from RadGeek.com.? [MP3] (10/07/09)</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-10-09.)</em></li>

Wednesday Lazy Linking


  • Too Hot. Daily Brickbats (2009-08-31). Western Australia Coroner Alastair Hope ruled an aboriginal elder basically cooked to death in the back of a jail van he was being transported in one hot day. The man, identified only as Mr. Ward, had been picked up for drunk driving the previous day. The coroner said the man… (Linked Monday 2009-09-28.)

  • So What If Mackenzie Phillips Has a Book Deal? Cara, The Curvature (2009-09-28). My post about Mackenzie Phillips and the public reaction to her recent revelation that her father John Phillips raped her has been linked pretty widely at this point, and as a result I have received some rather obnoxious and outright disgusting comments (and emails). That??s not a complaint, at all… (Linked Tuesday 2009-09-29.)

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