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Monday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

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  1. Dyne

    On that Mises piece: bleh. These blanket dismissals of any non-Austrian economic theory are pretty aggravating.

  2. Rad Geek


    I agree with you about that, but it’s a piece written for an audience of Austrian economists, so that’s about what I expected. I’m more interested in the appreciation that Riggenbach shows for Rocker’s central concerns about culture and state power, than I am for the unkind words he has to say about Rocker’s economics.

    In general I’m glad to see people demonstrating a willingness to say, You know, in spite of how much I disagree with this Anarchist X on economics, what they have to say about B, C, and D is still pretty rad. Even if I don’t disagree with X about economics (in the same way). Given how that particular debate has usually gone (from more than one side), that strikes me as a sign of engagement, and progress.

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