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Monday Lazy Linking

  • Try G-G the book. garfield minus garfield (2010-08-13). Try G-G the book. (Linked Saturday 2010-08-14.)

  • D.P.H. ongoing by Tim Bray (2010-07-21). I owe a whole lot to Perl. So does the practice of computing in general, and the construction of the Web in particular. Perl's situation is not terribly happy; I wouldn't go so far as to say "desperate", but certainly these are not its glory days. Herewith some thoughts on… (Linked Saturday 2010-08-14.)

  • When soothing lies go wrong. John Markley, The Superfluous Man (2010-08-07). Radley Balko has been writing quite a bit lately about incidents of people being harassed, arrested, or having their property confiscated by law enforcement for recording video or audio of their encounters with police in public places, frequently involving police who cite completely imaginary state laws against the practice. From… (Linked Sunday 2010-08-15.)

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Monday Lazy Linking

  • Like maggots to carrion. John Markley, The Superfluous Man (2009-10-27). Ever find yourself in a position where you think most of the people who share your opinion on the proper course of action are utterly repulsive? Watching the response to the arrest of Roman Polanski, as his apologists rally to defend him against the unsophisticated flyover country types who think… (Linked Sunday 2009-11-15.)

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