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Friday Lazy Linking

  • SFPD cops from imaginary anti-dance-party squad steal laptops. Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing (2009-11-18). Autumn sez, “DJs at local underground parties have been losing their laptops to police raids – even when they’re not DJing. They’re being told that they’ll lose their laptops – and often their livelihood – for an indefinite period of time, with no information on when or how to get… (Linked Friday 2009-11-20.)
  • Why The Innocent Flee From The Police. William N. Grigg, Pro Libertate (2009-11-05). “Why did he run?” This question thrusts itself upon us every time an unarmed or otherwise harmless person is gunned down while fleeing from police.Often that inquiry takes the form that assumes the guilt of the victim: “If he did nothing wrong, why did he run?” It’s also common for… (Linked Friday 2009-11-20.)
  • 10 Year old tasered by Arkansas police. Don't Tase Me, Bro! (2009-11-20). Officer Dustin Bradshaw, a grown-ass man working for the Ozark government’s police force, decided to torture an “unruly” 10 year old with a 50,000-volt electric blast after she kicked him in the groin. Then he handcuffed her and arrested her for “disorderly conduct.” The charge is that she “screamed, kicked and resisted” when her mother tried to get her to take a shower before bed. Officer Dustin Bradshaw’s boss, Police Chief Jim Noggle, tells the press that he took no disciplinary action at all against Officer Dustin Bradshaw because “He had no other choice” than to torture, handcuff, and arrest her, because “he had to get the child under control.” No, he didn’t. (Linked Friday 2009-11-20.)
  • RI Governor: Gay Couples can't be buried together. Don't Tase Me, Bro! (2009-11-20). Basher statism vs. bereaved families. In which hetero-politics goes beyond the usual meanness into utterly purposeless malice. (Linked Friday 2009-11-20.)
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