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Monday Lazy Linking

  • Tinkerer's Sunset. Mark, dive into mark (2010-01-29). When DVD Jon was arrested after breaking the CSS encryption algorithm, he was charged with "unauthorized computer trespassing." That led his lawyers to ask the obvious question, "On whose computer did he trespass?" The prosecutor's answer: "his own." If that doesn't make your heart skip a beat, you can stop… (Linked Friday 2010-01-29.)
  • Who's a Populist? LeftLibertarian2 at Yahoo! Groups (2010-01-31). Jesse Walker makes the Wall Street Journal, of all places: “Working from his two categories, we can see the outlines of two populist traditions in the U.S. The first is the populism of grass-roots groups–some on the left, some on the right, some hard to classify–that are dominated by unpaid, part-time activists rather than professional political operatives. The second is the populism of the people’s tribune, a fiery figure who acts, or claims to act, as a champion of the masses. …” (Linked Sunday 2010-01-31.)
  • Which to Choose? Fafblog (2010-02-01). Points for honesty, I suppose. (Linked Monday 2010-02-01.)

Inside jokes

Here is a white hooded sweatshirt with bold red letters reading "Property of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon," with "VOL" written in an oval between the lines.

Here’s a close-up of the logo design:

The French word Vol, in case you were wondering, is generally translated as Theft or Robbery.

Now available on t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and muscle tees at Benjamin Mako Hill’s Printfection store.

(Via Benjamin Mako Hill 2008-06-23, via Mark Pilgrim 2008-06-24.)

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